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"The Key to Independence is Simple it Lies Within You"

We offer four core independent living services, deaf and hard of hearing services, employment services, transportation services, counseling case management services and personal care assistance services to people with disabilities.  Services and programs are directed from our office locations, in the homes of consumers and in the community.

Our vision is to ensure persons with disabilities are able to obtain and sustain independence by providing goods and services that allows individuals to access community resources as prescribed by the ADA and Rehabilitation Act. please click link to learn more deatils about services.

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live at an Independent Living Center?

No, we do not have independent living residents but, we do assist persons in finding accesible, afoordable housing in their community.

Who can recieive services?

Any person with a disability define by the Rehab act is eligible for services.

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The Four Core Services


A strong knowledge of personal rights is essential in today’s world. We encourage self-advocacy and assertiveness in our consumers by helping our consumers understand their rights in today’s society.
  Information and Referral


We provide dependable and accurate information on topics of concern or interests regarding persons with disabilities and refer our consumers to appropriate avenues to meet all their inquiries and needs. Information is generally provided within 48 hours of the initial request.
 Peer Counseling


Everyone needs an outlet of understanding. Our peer support groups allow peers to spend time together in group settings discussing personal issues or concerns as well as being informed about our many social events in the community.  Skills Training


Essential skills are needed to perform everyday tasks. Our skills training includes financial management, meal planning, household cleaning, and transportation training. Skills training ensure independence and knowledge of executing important tasks for self-reliance.



07.12 Elm Street Apartment Social

Consumers have the opportunity to meet and greet with their neighbors and gain insight on information regarding solutions for the upcoming hurricane seasons. Participate

08.12 RIL Lunch Fundraiser

Community fundraisers are given annuallly to assist our non-porfit orgnization with our missions to serve persons with disabilities.Plate lunches were provided during this month to assist with fundraisers and donations this year. Participate



10.12 Cycling for Independence

Persons with disabilites have the opportunity to participate in a 250 mile cycling event from Bossier city to Baton Rouge louisiana. Participate