The Key to Independence is Simple, it Lies Within the Individual” is the motto we instill within ourselves and the consumers we serve!

Resources for Independent Living, Inc. (RIL) needs you to support our fully diverse minority operated non –profit 501 (c) 3 organization. We have been serving individuals with varieties of disabilities in Louisiana for over 24 years.

Tax-Exempt Slip

    All donations received are tax deductible and helps to improve your community,increase partnerships with social service agency and

increase customer interest/ awareness. Please contact the office closes to you to request your tax-exempt slip or click Request to e-mail us!


Durable Goods Closet

walkers, wheelchairs, hosptials beds, canes, shower chairs, crutches and other aids of daily living are appreciated!

We accept equipment donations to our organization from community and individual donors. If you wish to make a donation, please contact an office near you to coordinate donation pick ups.


Sean ll yrs. old diagnosed Cerebral Palsy

“My mom, my dad and me did not have any time to evacuate before a storm came and flooded our house. Katrina hit and water started to rise higher and higher within 15 minutes. We had no time to grab anything and our house could not protect us from the water. Thanks to RIL I was able to receive assistive devices, a new wheelchair and an occupational therapist services were provided for the wheelchair fitting.....

Reimonenq, 62 yrs. old chronic Heart Problems
" I never thought, after retiring I would be able to handle going back to work. I thought because of new technogly and not having experiences with computers that I would be overwhelmed, but now I am thriving in my new job and up for a promotion."

$$ Donate

Approximately 85 percent of every dollar that RIL receives goes directly to the consumer. Your contributions to our organization will greatly assist us in our mission to help individuals with disabilities live independently.