Counseling Services

Achieveing Life Goals

We provide necessary resources and supports to execute the steps to transition into an independent person living in the community of your choice. One on one case management is given on an individualized basis to ensure person's achieve their life goals and is implemented through all services offered. Request


Preventative Health Services

Gaining Access to Medical Care

We contract with a Family Medical Physician to provide medical services such as physical examinations, vaccinations, health screenings, laboratory tests, and preventative health assesments. These services are provided in our walk-in clinc and billed through the consumers' insurance. Standard sliding-fee oprtion is avaiable if consumer has finacial hardships.. Request

Medicaid Enrollment

Gaining Access to Healthcare

We are a certified Mediciad Application Center and can assist any person interested in applying for medicaid coverage. All interviews are scheduled on a daily basises by contacting our office toll free or click the link to submit your request.

Employment Services

We act as an employment network (EN) under the Social Secuirty Administration Ticket to Work Program. We provide employment services and other types of supports to beneficiaries interested in achieving employment.Request

Deaf and Blind Services

These services are available to persons who are deaf/blind which includes information and referral, communication assistance and independent living skills training, technical assistance, equipment information, advocacy, community awareness, disability awareness, and a Deaf-Blind Support Group.  We are affiliates of the Helen Keller Center. Request

Personal Care Assistance

With personal care assistance services, performing daily activities is made easier. Our Personal Care Assistants (PCA) help consumers through the following progams: State PCA, Community Choice Waiver (formerly known as EDA Waiver), New Opportunities Waiver (NOW), and Long Term-Personal Care Services (LT-PCS).


The Personal Assistance Services provide assistants in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which include bathing, grooming, hygiene, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medical reminders, and also preventive services (fall prevention, etc.)

Our Consumer Services Department is responsible for case supervision of PCA services for our consumers.  Case managers work one-on-one with consumers to determine which programs are the most effective in assisting them with their needs. In addition to case supervision, consumers recieves quality, dependable , care services from our Direct Service Worker (DSW) staff.

Direct Service Worker (DSW)

All Direct Service Workers are required to meet specific qualifications and are also required to have 40 hours of continual training each year, reassuring outstanding and reliable service for our consumers!

We strongly encourage friends or loved ones to become apart of our team. If interested in providing these caring services to a consumer with a disability contact our toll free number or click APPLY

Nursing Home Transitioning

We provide support for people with disabilities who are considering transitioning from a nursing home or other institution.Many people need the necessary resources and supports to execute the first steps in transitioning from an institution into a community of choice. Click to link to gain more insight on resources available in your community.Request